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Atlantic Islands Specialist

The Atlantic Islands: A Unique Family Vacation Destination

Family Canyoning in the Azores

As families look for memorable vacation experiences in unique places, the Atlantic Islands of the Azores, Canary Islands, and Madeira provide options full of nature, adventure, cultural richness, and discovery. The warmth and hospitality of the local communities on each island create an inviting environment for families. Safety is paramount in these destinations, providing parents with peace of mind as they explore. Accommodations tailored to family needs abound, with amenities designed to enhance the overall experience for parents and children alike. From spacious family suites to kid-friendly activities, these islands prioritize the well-being of families throughout their stay.


The Atlantic Islands are rich in cultural experiences, allowing families to delve into local traditions and regional flavors. Each destination has a distinct identity, with festivals, music, and cuisine reflecting the island's history and influences. Families can savor local delicacies, participate in vibrant celebrations, and explore historical sites.


One defining feature that makes the Atlantic Islands an outstanding family destination is its sheer diversity of landscapes. Take the Azores, for instance, with its rugged coastlines, varied flora, and volcanic craters. The islands provide a playground for families eager to explore nature's wonders. Hiking trails wind through lush forests, leading to breathtaking viewpoints and hidden waterfalls. 


On the Azores Family Summer Adventure Itinerary from Quest Travel Adventures, individuals of all skill levels can jump right into all the fun activities that the island of São Miguel has to offer. Rappel down a waterfall, kayak in a crater lake, and bike or hike the volcanic terrain. In their free time, families can book a whale and dolphin watching boat tour, ATV, horseback riding, or explore further the small museums and the vibrant culture of the Azores. 


The Canary Islands, renowned for their golden beaches and year-round sunshine, are a paradise for families seeking a perfect blend of relaxation, European culture, and adventure. The Canary Islands cater to various interests, from building sandcastles on the pristine shores to engaging in thrilling water sports, or hiking a mountain. Snorkeling in crystal-clear waters reveals vibrant marine life. Mt. Teide National Park is Spain's highest point and offers an unforgettable stargazing experience. Families will also enjoy Siam Park, Europe's largest waterpark, and Loro Parque, known as the best modern zoo in the world.


The Canary Island Family Adventure Itinerary from Quest Travel Adventures is packed with fun activities for the whole family. Families will visit the Cueva del Viento (Cave of the Wind), the largest volcanic cave in the world. They will also go whale and dolphin watching, visit Loro Parque, go to the top of Mt. Teide, and spend the day at Siam Park waterpark. They also visit the island of La Gomera and the UNESCO Garajonay National Park. 


Madeira Island, with its botanical gardens and serene levada walks, offers a more tranquil but equally captivating family experience. The island's diverse flora is on brilliant display year-round. The levada walks, along historic irrigation channels, provide a unique perspective of the island's landscapes. Adventurous families can take advantage of the cable car rides, offering breathtaking views of the coastline from the top and views of the towering cliffs from below. In the capital city of Funchal, families can take the cable car up to the Monte Palace Tropical Garden and take a unique form of transportation down on a traditional wicker toboggan. It is a fun way to experience the city's history and culture. 


The Madeira Discovery Itinerary from Quest Travel Adventures combines activities in the city of Funchal with excursions to the central and northwestern sides of the islands so families can enjoy all that Madeira has to offer. Take a tour of the countryside in a 4X4 vehicle, explore forests, waterfalls, and naturally formed swimming pools. This tour also spends time in the city of Funchal, with options to visit botanical gardens, ride the cable car, take a toboggan ride or perhaps add a walking food tour to taste the island’s traditional foods in Funchal's restaurants and markets.


The Atlantic Islands are emerging as top rated family destinations, offering a blend of natural wonders, cultural exploration, and family-friendly hospitality. Whether seeking adventure, relaxation, or a combination of both, these islands provide a diverse array of experiences that cater to the needs and interests of every family member. Whether navigating the Azorean trails, lounging on a Canarian beach, or strolling through Madeira's botanical gardens, families will thoroughly enjoy their vacation.


Quest Travel Adventures is your Atlantic Islands Specialist. We are experts in the Portuguese Islands of the Azores and Madeira and the Spanish Canary Islands. Let us create a customized itinerary for your next family vacation - because your next adventure deserves to be nothing short of extraordinary. 


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