3 Must-See Parks in Tenerife


Let’s be real, the best way to spend any vacation is to relax. Leave the beach for later and take your vacation up a notch by visiting 3 of Tenerife's must-see parks.

Whether you’re vacationing with the whole family, enjoying a romantic getaway, or escaping for some time with friends, a trip to the park may be just what you're after. Looking for a way to lift your spirits, in the best way? Get outside and enjoy all the island has to offer! On Tenerife, the largest of the Canary Islands, there are an array of parks that will fit to your specific wants and needs to make your next vacation the best it can possibly be.


Siam Park

Visit the largest water park in Europe when staying in Tenerife.  Siam Park is one of the highest rated water parks in the world and is located on the Southern side of the island.  With over 46 acres of land, Siam Park has water slides, rides, games and fun for the whole family.  The best part about this park is that all ages are welcome.  From old to young, there is something for each and every member of your family.  

For a relaxing experience, float along the Mai Thai river and take in the beautiful Thai inspired architecture and design followed by lounging in a private cabana with endless amenities.  There are also designated family-friendly areas at Siam Park like The Lost City, with slides, jungle gyms and a safe area for your little ones.  If you're in the mood to get an adrenaline rush, take a ride on the Tower of Power, a 28-meter high water slide that brings you zooming through aquariums filled with sharks and stingrays. If that’s not your thing, experience the feeling of zero gravity on the Dragon! This theme park is one that remains unmatched in its unique atmosphere and exciting taste of freedom.  Come on a romantic getaway or with the whole family and have your expectations blown away!


Mt. Teide National Park

One of the most popular locations in Tenerife is Mt. Teide National Park.  The largest park in the Canary Islands, this UNESCO World Heritage site holds important significance to the island of Tenerife and the world.  Mt. Teide, the volcano, stands as the third tallest volcanic structure in the world and is Spain’s highest point.  In 2007 Mt. Teide was named one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites and is classified as one of the 12 treasures of Spain.

Mt. Teide National Park holds many opportunities for fun and exciting activities, one being hiking.  With many trails catering to all skill levels, you and your family can explore the unique landscape as much as you wish.  Options include leisurely hikes around the grounds or even tackling the 6-hour ascent to the top of Mt. Teide.  If the summit is something you are interested in visiting but you’re not experienced hiker, the park is fully equipped with cable cars that will take you all the way up in under 10 minutes.  

Tenerife sitting far away from other land masses, exposes a free sky clear of light pollution.  The stargazing views remain unmatched and you can enjoy a unique and breathtaking experience at Tenerife’s ‘Sunset and Stars’ experience.


Loro Parque

If you’re an animal lover, then this is the place for you! Located in Puerta de la Cruz, on the Northern side of Tenerife, sits Loro Parque, home to dozens of exotic animals and exciting exhibits. Loro Parque initially started as a parrot sanctuary and is now one of the world's most renowned zoos having won the ‘Travelers Choice’ award the previous two years.  

Home to many different species of mammals, fish, reptiles and particularly birds, Loro Parque won’t disappoint you! Home to 300 species and subspecies of parrots, The Loro Parque Foundation aims to protect and facilitate these endangered species of parrots.  Hang out with these magnificent birds in Katandra Treetops, one of the most impressive free-flying aviaries in the world. Or, spend the day in the Zen garden, a unique underwater garden designed using the aquascaping technique. Experience winter in the the polar world at Planet Penguin. From small sided aquariums to large animal exhibitions, Loro Parque is the perfect stop for you next family vacation in Tenerife.


Whether you’re a hiker, looking for some incredible stargazing, or want to take a trip to the #1 zoo in the world with family, Tenerife’s parks have something for everyone!  If you’re still looking for more things to do in Tenerife, visit www.traveltotenerife.com. If you’ve been convinced, book your flight to Tenerife today!

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