Ride the Waves with Kitesurfing in Tenerife


Looking for an adventure that is once in a lifetime and will give you the ultimate vacation experience? Then kitesurfing is perfect for you. In Tenerife, located in the Canary Islands, kitesurfing is a growing water sport that has drawn many locals and visitors into the water to ride the waves and take flight. The water sport is suitable for all ages and levels, so it’s ideal for both single travelers and families. And if you’re not a pro, don’t fret. With the wind creating energy and pulling you along the water, it’s simple. All you have to do is steer the kite and control when you want to be lifted off the water.

Where to Go?

Something that makes the island of Tenerife unique is how many different types of beaches there are to choose from, which can make deciding where to kitesurf both challenging and exciting. To help you weigh the pros and cons, we’ve listed three of Tenerife’s most popular options below.

Option 1: El Médano

El Médano beach is located on the southern coast of Tenerife and is one of the few beaches that has naturally golden sand. Despite the abundance of shops and restaurants, nature provides the best activities. With ideal wind conditions for kitesurfing, both world competitions and the average traveler can take part. Kitesurfing shops and schools line the beach so the options for adventure are endless – and right at your fingertips.

Whether you are traveling alone, with a group, or family, a great way to learn to kitesurf is to take lessons with a local professional. There are several schools along the beach that offer kitesurfing lessons. With surf shops scattered along the beach, you can come back anytime and venture into the water on your own.

One of the most highly regarded kitesurfing shops is Azul KiteBoarding. Offering lessons for all levels, they are extremely attentive to students. Even if you have already taken lessons and would feel comfortable without an instructor, you can rent a kite and board right from a beach kiosk.

Don’t Leave on an Empty Stomach

One of the best ways to fully experience a different culture is by trying the local food. There are several restaurants and bars near El Médano to accomplish just that. Whether you are more of an adventurer seeker with food or prefer mainstream, there’s many options for both. One of the most popular restaurants in El Médano is Familiar. After a full day of being on the water, there is no better feeling than sitting back and relaxing with a delicious meal.

Familiar focuses on Mediterranean food and also has gluten free and vegetarian options. In addition to Familiar, another option is Agua Café. Located right along the water in El Médano it is a perfect spot for dinner and incredible sunset views. The Café offers it all: Mediterranean food, cocktails and a rustic feel.

Option 2: La Tejita

Another kitesurfing beach available to visitors looking for a watersport adventure is La Tejita. Located about 2km away from the El Médano town, it is a close option for something different than El Médano. The beach has larger waves that are strong under water currents, so it is recommended that those visiting have kitesurfing experience before they venture into the water. That being said, the water is still manageable for those who want a challenge and still something family friendly. While the beach does not have shops within eyes distance, El Médano’s town center is close by.

Option 3: El Cabezo

If you are an experienced kitesurfer or looking for a challenge, then El Cabezo beach is for you! This beach is north of the town of El Médano. El Cabezo beach has hosted several international kite surfing competitions including the World Windsurfing and Kitesurfing Championships. Keep in mind that this spot is primarily for advanced riders because of the large rocks around the beach and strong winds.

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, Tenerife’s kitesurfing is the place where you are able to create lasting memories. Submerse yourself in the waves and Tenerife’s beauty while challenging and rewarding yourself on your next kitesurfing adventure.

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