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15 Reasons to Bike the Island of Tenerife

Biking in Tenerife

Maybe you’re a cycling pro, or maybe you’re itching to try it for the first time. Either way, Tenerife is calling your name. The largest of the Canary Islands is filled with affordable, delicious Canarian food and plenty of scenic riding routes – which makes it a must-add to your cycling bucket list.

  1. Tenerife has the perfect cycling temperature. Known as the “island of eternal spring” for a reason, Tenerife is 75 degrees year round. Interested in cycling? The breathable and comfortable air is ideal for resting on the side of the road and biking uphill mountains.
  2. Ride alongside the pros! Professional cycle teams such as SKY, ASTANA, KATUSHA, MOVISTAR, LOTTO and BELKIN have all trained in Tenerife. In fact, Team Sky’s Bradley Wiggins and Chris Froome claim their Tour de France successes due to the island’s smooth, sunbaked roads.
  3. The mountains course allows you to soak up Europe in a new way. Bike through volcanic landscapes, eucalyptus forests around Esperanza, journey through the remote mountain villages in Anaga Mountains – places you can only fully experience up close and personal on bike or foot.
  4. Road tours put you in the shoes, or rather seat, of a professional biker. Professional teams and individuals have traveled several of the same roads you’ll be riding, which is an experience truly unlike no other.
  5. The places to bike are endless! Bike through the mountains, up the roads, or if you’re in the mood to explore places you’ve never been, take an electric bike.
  6. You’ll never get left behind. Whether you’re a beginner, professional or in between, there’s a course for everyone. You can pick the level at which you want to bike the island from intermediate to advanced.
  7. If you’re an experienced cycler, you can travel with others who have the same skill set as you. The advanced tours will challenge your fitness and ride full gas while also having the chance to soak up all the ocean and beauty in your 360-degree view of the island.
  8. If you are less experienced, there’s room for you too. The intermediate tours will allow you to take multiple stops, take some pictures and have a more relaxed and laid back day.
  9. You have the option to either set out with a guided tour or explore the island by yourself and with your travel companions. However, it is recommended that unless you are an advanced cyclist, you should follow a tour guide.
  10. For those of you looking for a more relaxed route, there’s something for you too. Rent an electronic bike where all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the view while you snap photographs of the breathtaking scenery.
  11. El Tiede: The most representative image of Tenerife is El Teide. El Teide is the highest mountain in Spain resting at 3,718 meters. Since 2007, the mountain has been considered World Heritage and it is an absolute must- see on the island. Because of the air, the bike rides throughout the streets on the mountain are clear and scenic with a view of Mt. Teide from all angles.
  12. Masca: With a name like the “Cliffs of the Giants”, Masca is another top Teneife cycling spot. The area is formed by ravines and cliffs and above all truly demonstrates the beauty and power of Mother Nature.
  13. San Cristobal de la Laguna: Bike along the roads in one of the oldest cities in the Canary Islands, San Cristobal de la Laguna. Feel the untouched architecture around you and enjoy the historic atmosphere.
  14. You will never feel hungry along the ride because there are endless authentic Canarian options. Canarian cuisine is some of the finest food in the world due to the local crops, abundant fishing zones and the Africa and Latin influences on the food. Along your journey throughout the twists and turns of Tenerife, stop at one of the many local restaurants and fuel up with this tasty food. (Hint: you won’t regret it).
  15. Speaking of food, take a café tour of the island on your bike tour. You’ll learn about the relaxed lifestyle on Tenerife all while tasting authentic food and drinks. There’s no better way to enjoy time with your biking group or travel companions than cycling through the streets and indulging in delicious meals and drinks.

If our 15 reasons weren’t enough for you to consider your next cycling trip in Tenerife, this might change your mind. The trip around the island is challenging yet exciting, allowing you to make the most out of a once in a lifetime opportunity. From the mountains to the roads, the picturesque scenery will forever have you reminiscing. Who doesn’t want to brag that they traveled throughout the Tenerife roads where professional bikers come to train?

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