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Best Things to do in Cabo Verde

Cabo Verde

The Cabo Verde archipelago is known for sunny days and miles of beautiful beaches. While it would be easy to spend an entire vacation relaxing on the beach, there are adventures to be had for the more active travelers.   Here are our top picks. 


Salt Mines

On the island of Sal, you will find the Salinas de Pedra de Lume,  a natural salt lake that has formed in the crater of an extinct volcano. The water at Pedra de Lume is 27 times saltier than seawater, and this high concentration of salt makes you float effortlessly in the water. For those looking for a more deluxe experience, scrub and mud treatments are available.


Shark Bay

Wade into the shallow rocky waters and see baby lemon sharks swim around your feet while the adults swim farther offshore, still in sight. This is an experience unique to the destination. Lemon sharks are non-aggressive and known for their friendly behavior. You will need water shoes for this adventure, so be prepared and bring your own or rent them from the local guide.

Turtle Watching

Turtles are among the most endangered marine animals. Five species of turtles swim in the waters around Cabo Verde, the Loggerheads being the most notable.   Cabo Verde has the third-largest population of nesting loggerhead turtles in the world. The Loggerheads nest between June and October, with hatchlings born from August to December. During this time you are able to view the nesting areas and watch as the turtles hatch and make their way to the ocean.



The trade Winds that blow across the Cabo Verde islands provide ideal conditions for a variety of water sports. Sailing, Surfing, and Windsurfing are all readily available and beginners can take lessons at the beach. Those looking to try something new can test their hand at one of the fastest-growing watersports, Kitesurfing. Head to the beaches of Sal or Boa Vista Islands to try this new and exciting sport or to watch the kites and surfboards move across the sea.



For those looking for time away from the beach, check out the volcanically formed landscape. Cabo Verde boasts some mountainous islands as well that are perfect for hikers. Explore Pico de Fogo,  an active volcano that is also Cabo Verde’s highest peak, or visit the Village of Monte Trigo on Santiago island, only accessible on foot or by boat. For a more leisurely walk, Visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Cidade Velha, the first town built by the Portuguese in Cabo Verde also on the island of Santiago.


Whether you want to lie on the beach or go chasing after adventure, we can create a Cabo Verde itinerary just right for your next vacation. Quest Travel Adventures are Atlantic Island Specialists with over 15 years of experience in customized travel to these destinations.  Some of our most popular trips include  Cabo Verde: All Inclusive GetawayTaste of Cabo Verde, and Two Island Cabo Verde Tour.


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