Up, Up and Away- Paragliding in Tenerife


Imagine having a bird’s eye view on one of the most beautiful places on Earth. High above the clear blue waters, green fields and rocky mountains, paragliding allows you to experience the island of Tenerife from a new perspective. While you may be familiar with the word paragliding, do you know all there is to know? From misconceptions about safety to even chair comfort, make yourself a paragliding pro with our top frequently asked questions list where we cover it all.

Is it safe?

The golden rule of paragliding is to get instruction from someone who knows that they’re doing. Think of it like this: paragliding is like driving a car. You are in the front chair while a trained professional is in the back chair controlling the apparatus. Don't fret; these professionals attend several training sessions so they are extremely well trained before taking people up into the sky. And to make sure you get the most out of your experience, pilots are always watching the weather to make sure the forecast is as clear as possible.

Is it scary?

Even if you’re scared of heights (like many are), you shouldn’t let it stop you from this truly unique experience. Feeling uneasy before takeoff is normal because the anticipation and adrenaline is building, but once you get in the sky it’s unlike anything else. The majority of paragliders say that once their up in the air, the sky relaxes them and leaves them with an instant feeling of tranquility.

What is paragliding in Tenerife like?

Maybe you’ve been to Tenerife and already had the chance to explore some of what the island has to offer, or maybe you haven’t. Either way, paragliding over Tenerife is an experience that truly allows you to see the island in a new way. With the pilot behind you describing the island and pointing out attractions you’re flying over, you’ll get to see all of Teneife in a new light. The pilot also has the ability to record the flight, so you can always go back and remember your experience.

Are the chairs comfortable?

You may be shocked to hear that the chairs are very comfortable! Travelers are always coming down from their paragliding sessions ranting and raving about how quiet and peaceful the skies are. And don’t worry about stability. The chairs are built to be extremely stable- you’ll never feel as though you’ll tip over or loose control.

Is there an age minimum … or maximum?

Anyone over the age of 8 can take flight and there is no maximum age restriction. After you take a dip in Siam Park or visit the killer whales at Loro Parque, add adventure to your family trip with paragliding. Since the age restriction is so low, paragliding is another activity the whole family can enjoy while in Tenerife. While it’s only one person per chair, it’s still fun to be with your family while in the sky.

What’s the best time of year to go paragliding in Tenerife?

Known as “the island of eternal spring”, you can’t go wrong with paragliding in Tenerife. All year is 75 degrees; so going up in the air is never a problem. Keep in mind that the pilot will always frequently check the weather forecast to ensure your safety and enjoyment right before takeoff.

Paragliding is an unforgettable adventure sport that allows you have to an experience unlike any other. Learn how paragliding works, share a history lesson about Tenerife, and see the island in a new way. Soar over the lush Tenerife mountains, dessert-like Mt. Teide, and the stunning seascapes and you’ll begin to image yourself in thousands of locations around the globe all in one place: Tenerife, the Canary Islands.

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