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2019 Festivals in Tenerife

romeria Orotava Tenerife

In addition to its picturesque coastline and tropical atmosphere, Tenerife is also famous for hosting a multitude of colorful and energetic festivals throughout the year. There’s usually at least one festival happening every single month of the year, and with 2018 soon coming to an end, it’s the perfect time to plan which one(s) to attend. Certain festivals are very popular, so much so that it’s best to grab your hotel and event tickets early so you don’t miss out! Below are some highlighted festivals which continue to soar in popularity each year:


Santa Cruz de Tenerife Carnival

Date: February 24 – March 10, 2019

The Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the second most internationally acclaimed festival after Rio De Janerio, is held each February in Santa Cruz de Tenerife and attracts thousands of people from all over the world. It’s an exciting and extensive celebration, lasting two weeks. The entire city is caught up in a whirlwind of music, color and joyous fantasy. The sparkling, larger than life, costumes and animated dancing are a huge part of the spectacle. Don’t just observe – join in the fun yourself! Wear your most exuberant and festive clothing/costume or purchase wigs and masks from the street vendors. Each year there is a theme which is chosen by popular vote. It’s been announced that 2019’s theme will be: The Deep Sea or Las produndidades marinas.


Puerto De La Cruz Festival

Date: February 18 – March 10, 2019

Overlapping the Santa Cruz de Tenerife, this festival is also comprised of spectacular parade floats and special events, all within an intensely festive atmosphere. Two of the biggest highlights are the men’s high heel marathon and the famous closing ceremony: the burial of the sardine, a satirical event filled with fake mourners and a quirky funeral precession to mark the end of the fun-filled festivals. No need to shed real tears, you can always come back next year and dive in to the festivities all over again! This year’s theme, also chosen by popular vote, for the Puerto De La Cruz festival is ‘Space’. With an imaginative and futuristic agenda, it’s promises to be an experience out of this world!


Holy Week & Easter (Semana Santa & Pascua)

Date: March / April

While there are religious celebrations held all over Spain and Tenerife, it’s said that La Laguna, considered Tenerife's cultural and religious center, has the most notable celebrations. Every day you can experience beautiful religious imagery, such as processions with adorned floats and robed penitents.

There are many other festivals dedicated to religious saints throughout the year, each filling the streets with soulful music and entertainment.


Tenerife International Film Festival

Date: TBD

Now approaching it’s 12th year, the International Film & Music Festival is known for being a champion for independent filmmakers. Both a screening event and a networking festival, it’s a great chance for emerging filmmakers to interact with established professionals, attend lectures, network, and receive valuable advice on their work and career advancement. In addition to film screenings, there is an acclaimed international awards ceremony. It’s a great event for all fans of film.


Festival of Saint Andrés (Fiesta de San Andrés)

Date: November 29-30

Food and wine lovers rejoice! This is the festival for you. Traditionally served to celebrate Saint Andres, this festival also marks the unveiling of the new season’s wine. It’s an all-day smorgasbord of vineyards offering wine tastings and street vendors selling delicious roasted snacks. In addition to the wine, the local youth honor Sant Andrés by participating in “arrastre los cacharros” (which translates to “dragging the pots”) and run around the town banging pots, dragging strings of tin cans, and sliding down the steep streets on greased wooden sleds. A unique tradition which can only be experienced in Tenerife!

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