Why Tenerife is the Best Canary Island to Visit


If you’re looking for a nice family trip, a romantic getaway, or a relaxing week on the beach, take a look at the Canary Islands. But if you’re looking for a GREAT family destination, an idyllic trip with your significant other, or the chance to unwind on volcanic shores; Tenerife is the island for you.

Not only is Tenerife the largest of the seven Spanish Islands in terms of both land and population, but it also boasts the longest list of reasons to book your flight today. From unforgettable sunsets to thrilling water parks, we could spend hours discussing the reasons that make Tenerife the best Canary Island. (But for the sake of time, we’ll keep it to one short blog.)

We’ll begin the list with what makes an island, in fact, an island; the beaches. Tenerife beaches are some of the most beautiful in the world, as well as some of the most unique. Overshadowed by Mount Teide--a volcano with one of the highest peaks in Europe--beautiful ash-colored, volcanic sand beaches are spread around the island. Whether you’re there for a swim or to lay back and soak up the sun, the island’s average annual climate of around 70 degrees ensures a perfect day at the beach.

Tenerife’s doesn’t end with the beaches. In fact, the beauty never ends on the island of Eternal Spring. Volcanoes, mountains and cliffs tower high above the shorelines, overlooking tropical forests, historic national parks, and culture-rich villages. These mountains, however, aren’t just there for the photoshoots. Lining each mountainside is a collection of hiking trails that will lead you on scenic adventures to the peaks of the famous Mount Teide, Los Gigantes and many more. Most visitors choose Mount Teide as their hike of choice, which we can understand. Once you reach that 12,000-foot peak poking through the clouds, you’ll feel like you’re on top of the world (because, well, you basically are).

There’s no better way to cap off a long day of swimming, exploring, and hiking up volcanoes than with a mouthwatering meal. And there’s no better meal than a steaming dish of Tenerife’s finest cuisine. From classic Spanish recipes to seafood platters to Tenerife specialties, the island’s gastronomic variety is cultural collage that will leave you asking the waiter for seconds. Some of the most popular options include Papa arrugadas, Morcilla dulce, and Cherne.

Once you’ve finished licking your plate clean, you’ll be ready for a night out on the island. Whether you’re in the mood to dance the night away, enjoy a Spanish drink with some friends, or continue to take in the never-ending culture--you’ve got a long list of options. Nightclubs and bars line the streets and the beaches for crowds of all ages. Not in the mood to party? Street performers, sunset boat rides and crystal-clear stargazing excursions will blow your mind.

If you still aren’t convinced that this Canary Island destination is the ideal vacation spot for you, check out TraveltoTenerife.com to learn more about what makes this island just so special. If you are convinced, prepare yourself for the adventure of a lifetime, and book your flights to Tenerife today!

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