Iceland Intensive Voyage

Once we leave Amsterdam's unique culture, singular personality, and labyrinth of endless canals and bridges behind, we enter into territory that, were it not so welcoming and enchanting, would feel entirely undiscovered.

A luxurious day at sea prepares you to transition to another world in Lerwick in the Shetland Islands—home to a unique blend of Scandinavian and Scottish culture. Explore rocky cliffs and embrace a slower, more authentic pace of life. And you'll feel a million miles away in the town named for the hammer-wielding Norse god of thunder, Thor. But don't be fooled by Tórshavn's rustic exterior. Behind the multi-colored grassy roof houses and cobblestone alleys lies a fascinating culture, more than your fair share of fantastic food, and delightfully wild natural edges. A late stay allows you to take it all in.

Another relaxing day at sea prepares you for the big show: to immerse yourself in all things Iceland. First is Seyðisfjörður, boasting some of the country's most unique architecture, natural beauty, and friendly faces. Known as the whale-watching capital of Iceland, the waters surrounding coastal Húsavik are home to humpbacks, minke, and the mammoth blue whale. During an overnight stay in Akureyri, marvel at snow-capped mountain peaks, stunning fjords, and lush countryside. And if you love horses, you're in luck–your next destination, Skagafjörður, is the only county in Iceland where horses outnumber people. Next is Ísafjörður, a remote fishing community with a quaint Old Town and a lively arts and music scene. Our legendary journey ends right in Reykjavik with an incredible overnight stay. With a sophisticated look and small-town soul, Reykjavik offers thrilling art, architecture, gastronomy, and an old-world charm that will surely capture you.