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What to Pack for a River Cruise in Europe


There are a variety of ways that a person can explore the world, but one of the greatest and most luxurious ways is on a river cruise excursion. Whether you are sailing through the enchanting landscape along the Rhone River, gliding through the beautiful scenery of the Danube, or taking in all the delightful sights and sounds along the Douro, you simply cannot go wrong sailing through all of the rich history of Europe. River cruises are perfect for those travelers who wish to explore a wide variety of cities and cultures in a short period of time. Below we’re listing some helpful packing tips so that you are properly packed and prepared for your European River Cruise.

Proper Clothing       

One of the biggest advantages of taking a river cruise is that you are going to be able to explore a number of locations in a short period of time. These cruises cover a lot of ground, so over the course of your journey you will experience a wide variety of weather and terrain. 

  • A windbreaker is an essential article of clothing to have on your river cruise trip for windy or rainy days.  It is always important to have something to protect you from the cold, as getting sick could ruin your entire vacation!
  • Another important item is proper footwear for walking.  Although a decent portion of your trip is spent within the comforts of a cruise ship, daily excursions will involve extensive walking, as you take in all of the sights at each stop. Blisters can put a major damper on a trip, so it is critical that you have a proper pair of shoes for your adventure. 
  • One final suggestion for clothes to bring onto a River Cruise ship is at least one nice evening attire outfit. On almost any River Cruise, there are on-board dinners hosted by the captain of the ship, and the last thing you want to be is underdressed! Bring a nice set of clothes with you so that you can truly enjoy your meal with the staff and friends.

Daily Items

Now that you have these essential clothes packed away, let’s move onto daily items that will come in handy over the course of the trip. 

  • A collapsible walking stick is one of the most useful items to pack, as they definitely help to ease the burden of each walking excursion. 
  • A reusable water bottle allows you to stay hydrated throughout the day and can provide you with a consistent source of water each time you visit a new location.
  • A simple first aid kit is helpful to have on hand and can help treat any unfortunate bump or bruise that you may get over the course of your trip. 
  • All of these items mentioned above can be easily stored in a collapsible bag. All you need is a nice mesh bag; the bonus is that it won’t take up any extra space in your suitcase!


Before setting out on a River Cruise trip, keep in mind that you are in a foreign land, which will be harder to navigate. 

  • A phrase book is a must-have, as they will help you to communicate with the locals in each town. 
  • A map of the local area is important to have on hand in case you get lost or separated from the group. The great thing is that you can nowadays you can find many of these things on your phone! Smartphones have a wide variety of apps that will allow you to communicate with people throughout your trip, while also keeping a bearing on your surroundings. 
  • Did you know you can download currency apps?  These allow you to get a better understanding of what local prices translate to in US dollars. Just make sure that your phone is set up beforehand with an international plan so that you don’t get charged any crazy fees!

Now that you have a better understanding of the essentials to pack for a River Cruise, it’s time to step aboard to explore Europe. Some of our most popular trips include:  Danube Delights Gems of the DanubeDelightful Douro and Breathtaking Bordeaux. We may be basis, but Quest Travel Adventures believes a River Cruise is truly one of the best forms of travel!  Ready to book? Find your next adventure today.

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