How do you Pronounce Tenerife? Common Misspellings and Pronunciations of the Spanish Island

los gigantes

Tenerife, the largest of the 7 Canary Islands, is a hidden island gem in the Atlantic and a unique destination. While many places claim to be the perfect island getaway, Tenerife takes the experience up a few notches. The island boasts more than 4-5-star hotels than Madrid and Barcelona, has the world's #1 waterpark and #1 spa, and is filled with unique experiences like visiting the peak of Europe's tallest volcano for incredible stargazing. 

If you're unfamiliar with this popular tourist destination, it's most likely because you haven't been able to properly type it into your Google search bar. Located off the coast of Morocco, the island is notorious for its rolling mountains and beautiful beaches. However, as with many other Spanish Islands, it's also a topic of hot debate on how to properly pronounce and spell the word. 

As you may know, there are dozens of ways to misspell the island's name -Tenerif, Tennerife, Tenirefe, among other countless variations. Those who can't remember the name in the first place might find it online by using common phrases such as "temperate Spanish islands" or "home of the world's top waterpark resort". We prefer to avoid any confusion though, so before we continue, I want you to grab a pen and a piece of paper and copy this word repeatedly until you've mastered it:

T - E - N - E - R - I - F - E

Now that you've learned how to spell the name, it's time to learn how to tell your friends where you'll be taking your next vacation. Tenerife is not only tricky to spell, but also has a name whose pronunciation will leave you guessing. If this is your first-time hearing about the island of Tenerife, chances are you're emphasizing the 'I', and pronouncing "rife" as you would "life" or adding an accent to the final 'E' and saying "reefay". Instead, the last syllable sounds like "reef", altogether forming the name Ten-Uh-Reef. To help yourself remember that third syllable, just think of the beautiful coral reefs that lie just off the shores of the sandy Tenerife beaches.

When planning a trip to the island of Tenerife, questions may come to mind such as "How do I get there?" Flights to Tenerife depart nearly every day from most Spanish airports, lasting just over 3 hours. "Where will I stay in during my trip?" With an incredible selection of world class hotels in Tenerife to choose from, the most stressful part will be deciding which ocean view you prefer. And of course, "How do you pronounce that name?" The answer is Ten-Uh-Reef. Now that you know all about the island, and how to pronounce it properly, you'll fit right in with the locals. Don't take our word for it, book your flight today and come find out for yourself.

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