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Atlantic Islands Specialist

Hottest Island Vacations for 2018


With the hustle and bustle of daily life, it’s easy to find ourselves drifting off into a daydream, envisioning leaving our worries at home and whisking away on a vacation. The trouble may be that we’re not always sure where to go. To help, we’re listing the top four hottest island destinations that you’ll definitely want to visit before the years over.   


Relatively undiscovered, many people don’t realize the Azores are incredibly accessible AND affordable. Just think – you can book a 5-day vacation for only $569. Comprised of 9 islands in the North Atlantic, travelers from Boston can get to the Azores in just four on a direct flight, making it an entirely possible last-minute weekend trip for those who love spontaneity. Although summer is a popular time to visit, the island’s mild tropical temperatures remain the same all year long so there really is no “off season” in the Azores.

From canyoning to taking a tour of the top of the volcano, or visiting the island’s pineapple plantation, there’s no shortage of activities in the Azores. Surrounded by turquoise waters, the Azores are a natural paradise to enjoy a swim. And with ferries connecting the islands, you can visit one or all nine during your trip!

Should be on your list if: you’re looking for an escape full of rich culture and adventure.


Tenerife, the largest of the Canary Islands, is not your typical island destination. It combines the history and culture of a European vacation with the sunny, relaxed vibe of the Caribbean. With average temperatures of 75 degrees year-round, and a plethora of activities, there is something for everyone.

Watch dolphins in their natural habitat at Siam Park, the #1 waterpark in the world, or visit Tiede National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here, you can hike trails and submerse yourself in ancient forests full of unique tropical foliage and wildlife. Add in golfing, stargazing, and discovering the island’s wines and famous gastronomy, and Tenerife is truly an island that has it all.

When the sun goes down the fun doesn’t stop: put on your dancing shoes and experience Tenerife’s energetic nightlife with its dynamic club scene and upscale shopping malls. It’s a one-stop destination that will keep you endlessly entertained! 

Whether you choose the Ritz Carlton Abama or the Gran Melia for your stay, there’s no bad choice; Tenerife boats more than 4-5-star hotels than Madrid and Barcelona combined. To read more on Tenerife, click here.

Should be on your list if: you’re looking for a warm destination away full of activities away from the crowds.



About eight hours from Los Angeles, Tahiti is so much more than a honeymoon destination. The main Island of Tahiti is a part of French Polynesia, a collection of 118 islands and atolls between California and Australia. It’s powder-soft beaches and breathtaking volcanic landscapes are surrounded by picture-perfect blue waters. You’re free to stay put on the main island or take water taxi rides to explore different islands.

Being in, on, or next to the water is the epitome of a Tahitian vacation, but you can also take part in a 4x4 safari or a guided horseback ride through rainforests and villages to experience a whole different aspect of the island. Unlike Tenerife, there is very little night life – but with that comes a golden opportunity to enjoy the sunset and unwind with a refreshing glass of French wine with the sound of soft waves crashing on a nearby shore. 

Should be on your list if: you’re looking for a paradise with clear waters, luxury and endless relaxation.  



Iceland may be an island, but this destination is far from tropical. What’s crazy is that it only takes a five-hour flight from New York to experience an entirely different island atmosphere. Black lava beaches, geysers, and icebergs can all be found in Iceland – so be sure to pack your warm adventure-ready clothes in preparation for some amazing day trips. 

Although it’s not tropical, it doesn’t mean you should leave your bathing suit at home. In addition to the Northern Lights, having a soak in the iridescent Blue Lagoon is on many people’s bucket list. Though it seems like magic, it’s actually geothermal energy that heats up the waters to a range of 98 – 102 degrees (F) regardless of what time of year it is. What better way to warm up and relax after a thrilling day of exploring ice caves? 

Should be on your list if: you’re looking for a unique destination full of incredible landscapes and adventurous activities. Read more on Iceland here.


Even if you’ve already been to our top 4 hottest destinations of 2018, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t visit again. Maybe you took a trip to Tenerife, only to find you ran out of time to take the cable car up to Mt. Teide. Or, during your trip to the Azores you made it to Fial, the Blue Island, but missed out on Pico, the Mountain Island. Whatever the case, these islands have plenty of activities to do and sights to see! 


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