Explore Tenerife Underground Through Europe’s Largest Lava Cave

lava cave

The Tenerife Wind Cave, or Cueva del Viento as the locals call it, is a unique traveling experience unlike anything you’ve experienced before. If you’re visiting the island of Tenerife, this tour is definitely recommended!

Before embarking on the excursion, your guide will tell you a bit about the destination and the history of the cave itself. Tenerife is home to the famous Mt Teide volcano, and years ago when it erupted, the lava pooled throughout the island. In one location in the northern section of the island, it created a lava tube underground that hardened and formed into the majestic site that it is today.

When you visit, you’ll need to gear up in a helmet, gloves and a harness before being driven up to the the cave site. Above ground, you’ll see a beautiful forest landscape filled with enormous trees and very lush vegetation. But below ground, you will see the cave. After you descend, you begin your exploration, guided by a headlamp. At times, you’ll need to be in line, one-by-one. At a few points your guide might ask for a minute or two of complete silence, to feel and hear your surroundings. It‘s amazing to experience such silence - like nothing you’ve ever felt before. In fact, the wind and flow of sound in the cave block out even the smallest noises - like the person besides you breathing.

As you near the end of your journey exploring Tenerife underground, take a minute to soak up your surroundings. As you come across a waterfall dropping into the tunnel, surround yourself with the darkness as your your light beam will shine through the crystal clear water.

By the time you have completed your tour, you will realize that you’ve only visited about 2 kilometers in this 18 kilometer lava tube. Nature never ceases to amaze!

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