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All You Need to Know About Bird Watching in the Azores

Chaffinch Azores

With over 300 known bird species sighted in the Azores, this is a fantastic, less-explored, bird watching destination. With a central position in the northern section of the Atlantic Ocean, it’s quite possible that you will see several rare migratory species. One of Europe’s rarest birds, the Azores Bullfinch, is often found in a small area of the main island, Sao Miguel. Azores are also home to some of the largest colonies of Cory’s Shearwater and Roseate Terns. And be sure not to miss the authentic Atlantic Canary!
While birds can be seen year-round, the best time of year to travel would be the spring and fall as the birds go through their migratory process and nesting. The Azores will appeal to beginner or long-time bird enthusiasts, as there is so much to see. Sao Miguel would be the place to start your tour, and if you have more time, head over to Terceira Island, which has a large selection of gulls and waders.

The stunning backdrops of the Azores offer for a perfect bird watching experience in the islands. Bird watching can be practiced in all of the Azores islands though most notably in São Miguel and Graciosa for endemic species, as the Terceira islands are famous for gulls and waders, and Flores and Corvo for American Passerines. There are plenty of breathtaking sights on each exotic island. 

While birdwatching on the islands, you may find a large number of migratory birds coming from America and Eurasia- how impressive! The numbers of birds and even birds species in the islands is rather high, therefore visitors can see everything from rare, exotic birds that are native to the Azores, to popular colonies that you could find elsewhere. 
The Azores are also a fantastic place to see other animal species, as it is a top dolphin and whale watching location. Start planning your trip today!

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