Adventure #3: Discover Yourself Beneath the Tenerife Stars


To begin stargazing, it’s simple: all you have to do is look up. You’ll see the arms of the Milky Way and a vast array of constellations sparkling in the night sky. But what happens is much more complex than that. It’s the feeling that overcomes you- like the world has stopped and you’re suddenly at peace. All your fears and worries have disappeared for the moment, and complete relaxation sets in. There’s only one word that can describe it: magical. Something you can’t get from a photograph. Mt. Teide on Tenerife is where you can experience this magic.

A 'Star' of a Location

Good climate, clean air and altitude make Tenerife the ideal atmospheric location. In fact, Tenerife’s excellent quality skies attract both amateurs and professionals from around the world. The island has even hosted various events to bring an appreciation and understanding to the public at large, such as the Starmus Festival, the first edition of which was held in June 2011 and the second in September 2014.

An Astronomical Observatory

Did you know Tenerife is one of the locations in the world that has astronomy observatories to install telescopes of the future? Currently, it is dedicated to mainly studying the sun and is home to the best solar telescopes in Europe. Observatory tours are free, and the application form is available on the IAC website ( The Teide Observatory also has a visitor centre, created from an empty dome, which is equipped for educational work. Whether explaining what an observatory is, how telescopes work, or the importance of Astronomy, it is highly educational and informative for all ages.

If you are interested in learning more, specialized ‘star tourism’ companies are also available, which offer information and guided tours. All of them have played a special role in organizing trails and activities linked to cosmic phenomena such as eclipses or spotting Perseid meteors.

Sunset and Stars- An Extraordinary Experience

Prepare yourself to partake in a unique and breathtaking experience at Tenerife’s ‘Sunset and Stars’ experience, taking you to a new level astronomically.

Picture this: you’re 12,198 feet high on Mount Teide, a volcano in Tenerife and Spain’s highest peak. You’re overlooking a breathtaking sunset from Pico Viejo viewpoint with a glass of chilled sparkling rosé from the local winery, Altos de Tevejos in your hand.

While you’re relaxing, you’re being treated to a gourmet dinner featuring Canarian dishes, created by world-renowned Erlantz Gorostiza, only Chef in the Canary Islands with two prestigious Michelin Stars. After, you’ll be able to behold the stars and go on a journey through the night sky, with the clouds at your fingertips. With English-speaking guides and long-range telescopes, you’ll explore the night sky like never before.

Free from the bright lights and bustling tourists, The ‘Sunset and Stars’ experience, organized by Volcano Teide is your chance to adventure on a spectacular, unique excursion and discover yourself underneath the stars.

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