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7 Must-See Spots in Prague


After visiting Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic, I recommend it 100%. Why? The culture is an experience in its self. For starters – immerse yourself by speaking to the Czech people, eating the delicious food, and witnessing the landmarks scattered around the wonderful city.  Here’s a list of seven recommendations of what to do while in Prague.


  1. Ditch the sneakers and opt for a Segway. In the Old Town Square there are dozens of tour operators searching for customers and renting Segways. Discovering the city of Prague on a Segway lead by a tour guide is the perfect way to see all the city has to offer in less than three hours. 
  2. Visit the John Lennon Wall. On our Segway tour we made our way to the John Lennon Wall, a long stretch in a local neighborhood a few ways out of the city covered in graffiti. Most tour operators carry a pen with them for you to sign your name but if you decide not to rent a Segway, don’t forget to bring your own pen. 
  3. Take a trip to the Spanish Synagogue. The walls are absolutely beautiful and I promise you’ll be in awe simply by looking at these mosaics on the ceilings above you. Much different from the typical European Catholic Cathedrals, this synagogue has a completely distinctive vibe. 
  4. Explore the Dancing Museum. On our Segway tour, my family also visited the Dancing House, also known as the Frank K Museum and I have never seen anything like it. The dancing house is abnormal in the way that it twists and turns in structure, as it stands tall on a main street corner. 
  5. Eat dinner at the Cerovski restaurant. One of the highlights of my time in Prague was eating dinner at the Cerovski restaurant across the canal and Prague Bridge. This quaint restaurant is hidden in the neighborhoods beneath the Prague Castle. You can find this restaurant hidden in the street walls where a very narrow descending stairway leads you to a beautiful restaurant on the water overlooking the Prague Bridge. Eating a rather early dinner will allow you to see the sunset over one of Prague’s greatest landmarks.
  6. If you have time to spare, walk around the city. You’ll be able to make it around this small city in three days. Drive or walk up the eastern part and make your way to the Prague Castle. You can find the Golden Lane, a small village that is a populated tourist spot here. This is the place where you will not only will you learn about ancient Prague history, but also learn about and actually be able to experience Czech culture. 
  7. Indulge in Czech specialty dishes. After the Prague Castle, and on your way to return to the old town, you must cross over the Prague Bridge. After the bridge, there about a mile of streets in different directions with many restaurants filled with delicious food. Almost all of them have bread dumplings and pork in a cream sauce, a Czech specialty which is a 10/10 on my food palette! After trying this dish, try a popular traditional dessert that you’re sure to find on any street corner; sugar rolled dough winded on a metal rod that is configured into a dessert bowl with whipped topping and fruit. 


Be sure to check out our two popular trips, Classic Prague and Danube Delights and Gems of the Danube with Prague to explore all that the city of Prague has to offer.

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