6 Places to Add to Your Travel Bucket List

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The new year marks the opportunity for a fresh start and a chance to think about where you want to travel in 2018. To help, we’ve rounded up six bucket list destinations because to be honest, we couldn’t choose just one! 

1.   Tenerife, Spain

Known as the ‘Island of Eternal Spring’, Tenerife isn’t your typical island getaway. This undiscovered location is a unique captivating European island with remarkable geography from desert landscapes to lush green mountains and stunning seascapes. From romance to adventure, nature, and culture, Tenerife is perfect for couples, families or solo travelers. If you love discovering new experiences when traveling, Tenerife is the perfect destination to add to your 2018 bucket list. Want to learn more? Check out our 18 reasons to visit Tenerife in 2018 blog for even more reasons why Tenerife should be on your list. 

2.   Paris, France

This beautiful and cultured ‘city of love’ is filled with iconic activities that simply can’t be missed such as going to the top of the Eiffel Tower, eating macarons from Laudree, or strolling through Jardin des Tuileries. And while Paris is well known as being an old city filled with lights and love, there’s much more to it. Do you know about all of the delicious boulangeries on hidden streets or Monet’s garden outside of the city? Our blog will help you open your horizons and discover what to do with a teenager in Paris.

3.   Amalfi Coast, Italy

Who ever thought that a 50-kilometer stretch of coastline could be so beautiful? This popular holiday destination is known for it’s sheer cliffs and rugged shoreline dotted with small beaches and pastel-colored fishing villages. The allure of the coast’s natural beauty makes it one of the most fabulous and unique destinations in the world. Make your trip a one to remember by exploring all of Spain, France, Venice and Sicily in our Eastern Mediterranean Treasures trip.

4.   Azores, Portugal

A unique archipelago of nine Portuguese islands, the Azores is widely recognized for its volcanic origin, summertime festivities, adventure sports and direct flights. Located in the North Atlantic ocean, the Azores is known as a unique travel destination recognized for its sustainability. A nonstop flight (two hours from Portugal and four and a half hours from Boston), its landscape and outdoor nature activities make these islands an enchanting destination to add to your list. As an Atlantic Island specialist, Quest hand selects the best hotels and tours to give you the opportunity to explore all the Atlantic has to offer.


5.   Reykjavik, Iceland

While there’s plenty of options when choosing where to travel, Iceland’s magical and enchanting nature may just win you over. A short flight (5 hours from Boston, Washington DC and New York) to the capital, Iceland’s natural beauty will be the first thing to catch your eye. Surrounded with glaciers, waterfalls, lava fields, rainbows, streams and mountain ranges, the scenery is simply out of this world. Not to mention you may get the chance to experience the Northern Lights, be up close with Icelandic Horses and take a trip to the Blue Lagoon - one of the most visited attractions in Iceland. And did we mention everyone speaks English, tipping is included in all pricing and there’s free Wi-Fi everywhere? Sold. Experience it all here.


6.   Bora Bora, French Polynesia  

If luxury and warm weather is what you’re looking for, then Bora Bora is for you. Surrounded by a turquoise lagoon and barrier reef,  it’s known as being a popular luxury resort destination where seclusion is key – maybe its the overwater bungalows or the jade and cobalt blue waters. In fact, it’s so exclusive and luxurious even celebrities vacation in Bora Bora, such as Jennifer Aniston and Justin Bieber. Splurge on massages, adventure with paddle boarding or take a snorkeling trip to swim with stingrays and sharks. If cruise is more your style (you’ll be able to explore even more islands), aboard one of our  Cruises.

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