Best of Rhine and Main Rivers

Step back in time and journey along the beautiful Rhine and Main Rivers on a magical voyage through a Europe of centuries past. From Nuremberg, “unofficial capital” of the Holy Roman Empire and one-time staging ground for the infamous Nuremberg Rallies, to Amsterdam, beautiful port city and cultural heart of the Netherlands, your cruise will be filled with an abundance of enchanting architecture, majestic landscapes, fascinating histories, and captivating legends. Witness the slightly-tilted merchant houses lining Amsterdam’s labyrinth of canals. Gaze up at the magnificent Kölner Dom, Cologne’s World-Heritage-listed Gothic cathedral. Sail past Lorelei Rock, and hope that you escape the same unfortunate fate as the sailors of ancient legend. On this once-in-a-lifetime cruise through the Rhineland, you’ll dive headfirst into the region’s fascinating history and culture. More importantly, you’ll get the opportunity to appreciate the splendor of the countryside you’re visiting in a way that can only be experienced by sailing its rivers.